General Information

The Religious Studies Student Symposium originated in the Federal Student Council Meetings of Religious Studies between 1986 and 1990. Since 1994, the annual symposium has offered students of religious studies a unique platform to present their exciting ideas and research topics in an open and supportive environment. In addition to the lectures and discussions, the program includes an excursion and various workshops. Furthermore, there will also be a focus on fun outside the academic program, with dinner together and a trip to Bochum's nightlife.

The conference fee is 30 euros for participants and 25 euros for speakers. This conference fee can be refunded at many universities (Talk to your student council or ASTA for further information).

The Religious Studies Student Symposium is open to all students of religious studies. We look forward to welcoming guests from all over Germany, Austria & Switzerland to Bochum. Anyone interested in presenting and discussing their research is welcome to apply for a presentation. This includes students who would like to present their theses or research projects. We encourage all those who wish to share their passion for religious studies to participate and actively submit their papers. Students from related disciplines and other interested parties are also welcome upon request.